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  • About Us

    What We Do

    AlphaCoin Fund is a Singapore-based fund focused on blockchain startups and crypo-asset investments. Leveraging its global presence and resources in blockchain industry, its mission is to provide venture capital, marketing and post-financing services to support sound blockchain startups around the world.


    Starting May 2018, AlphaCoin Fund has also become one of the super voting nodes for Huobi.pro, one of the top 10 crypto Exchanges in the world. Huobi supernodes consist of prestigious crypto investments organizations and have become critical for Huobi to select high quality crytos to get listed on Huobi.pro.

    Track Record

    We have invested over 30 blockchain projects as of May 2018 for a total amount of over $50MM. Our invested projects cover a wide range of blockchain technologies from infrastructure, protocol to applications. We have built partnerships with most of the projects we invested with our value-added services. We are an early stage investor of a number of high profile popular projects. The projects we have invested include a number of high-profile ones, such as Basecoin, Thunder Token, RSK, IOST, DATA, Iotex, OceanChain, Lino, SmartMesh, Rightmesh, Zeepin, AppCoin, Gifto, APEX, MainFrame

  • Our Team

    • Our team has combined 30+ year experience in investments, technology and market research with both global vision and local knowledge 
    • Our team members come from Citigroup, Fidelity, Bosch and Binance etc,  located in China, U.S, Australia and Singapore, we have a true collaboration across the globe for blockchain projects
    • We also team up with our outside partners deeply rooted in the blockchain investment and technology space in Silicon Valley, New York, Shanghai and Hangzhou
  • Our Add-on Values

    Promotion In Local Markets

    Help promote local awareness during their crypo-currency raising events by creating an end-to-end solution that targets the right investment community in the local markets, we have help both global projects who want to promote their awareness in Asia markets as well as Asia projects who want to promote themselves in the developed markets such as U.S. We have partnerships and experiences working with major tech media portals and PR firms helping promote the project awareness.

    Partnership Introduction

    With our broad connection and access to both technology companies and venture capital firms within the blockchain ecosystem, we can help blockchain startups connect to the right partners. We help blockchain startups find their collaborators, suppliers and customers. We also put them in touch with the relevant venture capital firms to help diversify their strategic funding resources

    Exchange Listing Advisory

    We have deep experience and connections with top-tier crypo exchanges around the world. While getting listed by the top-tier exchanges could be very prohibitive and time-consuming, our advisory undoubtedly has helped a number of our invested projects accelerate their timeline table getting listed, boosting their cryptos' liquidity dramatically

  • Selected Private Placement Projects

    We Have Invested 30+ Projects as of May 2018


    Stable Coin


    High Throughput





    Security Protocol

    Video Dapp


    High Throughput



    Enterprise Infra.


    IoT Protocol


    General Infra.


    Video Dapp


    Network Dapp


    Stable Coin


    Media Dapp


    General Infra.


    Analytics Dapp.


    General Infra.

  • Invest Along with Top VCs

    Some of the projects we have invested count top VC firms below as their investors

  • Contact Us

    US Office:
    1 Boston PL, Suite 2600, Boston, MA 02108
    Singapore Office:
    9 Temasek Boulevard #04-02, Suntec Tower Two